Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What Does "Media Ministry" Mean?

In my previous post I discussed what I feel is assumption that is underlying the book Audio, Video, and Media in the Ministry by C. Floyd Richmond which I feel are also the underlying assumptions of the mainline denominations when it comes to technology.  In his introduction there is a subheading labeled "Importance of the Media Ministry Team" where he lays out what he thinks the media team (and by extension media itself) adds to the worship service.  He speaks specifically about sound system and projection.

I find it very interesting that Dr. Richmond includes both sound and AV into what he calls "media ministry."  I would argue that these two jobs should not be included under the same umbrella because these two jobs accomplish different functions within the worship service.  Running sound in a worship service is a strictly technical job.  The sound does not shape the service, it is simply a medium through which the worship leaders can be better heard by the people of God.  AV is more what I would define as media ministry.  The job of a media ministry team is not simply to run a piece of technology.  The media ministry is responsible for creating content that becomes an integral part of the worship service.  As such, media ministry is should be treated with much more care than simply technical ministries.  The media that is created has to be in harmony with the other elements of the worship service or it will create a disharmony that takes away from the worship experience.

When we look at the different potential technical ministries that a church can utilize in  worship, media ministry stands out as different from the rest.  The creation of content in media ministry places this ministry as more a mix between technical and arts ministry.  In order to do their job effectively the media ministry team must both understand how the hardware and software of an AV system work and must understand the aesthetic quality that the ministry team is trying to incorporate into the worship experience.  I think that the "Media Ministry" at a church would more effectively include the AV team and the "Web" team.  Both of these groups are tasked with creating and presenting content that shapes the worship and the public face of a congregation.

What groups does the media ministry at your church include?  Is your media ministry considered a technical ministry or is it considered more of an arts ministry?

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